What People are Saying


What People are Saying

Curious what people have to say about working with DanMichael?

Luckily, they were willing to tell us ...

My journey in terms of understanding my own voice in the world shifted into a whole new gear that I didn’t know was possible. For that, I’m eternally grateful [...] and I see that DanMichael has the same impact on other people. There’s something about the way he is that reveals people to themselves in a deeply powerful, moving and transformative way.
— Eduardo Drake, Patent Attorney

I feel transformed and blissed out [...] in a way I can't fully describe. I feel that an old, smaller version of my identity is shattered forever, thank goodness. Now I'm free to be my larger, global self!

– Paul Beich, Forest School founder

Weeks after, I still had powerful revelations and insights that have enabled me to embrace my fullest potential.
— Kenneth Winfrey, Psychologist

My outlook on life and my spirit have changed, and I credit that a lot to DanMichael.

– Luis Londano, Events Operations Manager

DanMichael is truly a guru and flat out knows his stuff. I cannot recommend him enough!

– Sam Tulien, IT Analyst

DanMichael gives true meaning to the title, “Light Worker.” I feel so fortunate that he takes the time out of his busy life to share his powerfully positive energy, joy, and love of life with me and others. His words have truly made a difference in my life.
— Sue Johnson, Editor

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Batista tries to personalize each interaction, whether his clients are high-powered stockbrokers, struggling artists or grooms who want to feel just as special as the bride does.  [...]  “My confidence has grown since I started coming here,” said [Pleasant] Radford, who’s made several trips to the Haberdashery since he first saw Batista waving that American flag. “I definitely get a lot more compliments. I feel great.”


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Your wedding day should be the day that you feel most like yourself. Or, at least that’s how DanMichael Batista sees it. [...] A good wedding look will make you feel like you’ve enhanced who you are, not covered it up. That’s how Batista always hopes clients feel when they work with him.