The LeaderShift Initiative:

A new paradigm of leadership

With their genuine enthusiasm and charisma, [DanMichael & Betsy Batista] helped us explore our conceptions of leadership, social obligation, and conflict resolution within the context of realistic scenarios that are witnessed in high schools, on our streets, and in the news. Their message to students to open up to new possibilities, explore the potential of egalitarian leadership, and practice the tools that help us make it a reality is timely, necessary and right.
— Brady Rochford, 8th grade teacher

We are each an important piece of the collective human puzzle. It is time we come together with our unique gifts, insights and resources to create a world that works in harmony for all.


At its core, the LeaderShift Initiative teaches the power of community. It shifts the focus from the old paradigm of hierarchical leadership (where one person leads with many followers) to a new paradigm of egalitarian leadership (where every person honors their innate leadership skills and is empowered to play a critical role in taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the Whole). This offering teaches conflict resolution at a communal level, empowering people of all ages to deescalate stressful or aggressive situations, to identify and manage fight-or-flight mode, to overcome the bystander effect, and to stand up for their core values – because nobody wins until we all win.


Participants leave this workshop with:

  • A renewed and grounded sense of their own power
  • Practical tools and technologies to stand up for others in the face of conflict/adversity
  • Concrete ideas for actions they can take that will inspire others to rise up as leaders along with them
  • Embodying the concept “I am the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Interested in bringing our half-day workshop to your school, community, or organization?