It’s time to move past whatever has been holding you back from stepping into your full self. You need to feel the fear and do it anyway, to feel the doubt and do it anyway, to face the possibility of failure and do it anyway, to face the discomfort of being seen and do it anyway. It’s time to stop waiting because there is no perfect moment. There will always be another reason not to do it. The time is now. The time has always been now.
— DanMichael Batista, author and creator of "The Frame"

Is your life supporting your greatness? 

Are you having trouble manifesting the life you want? Are you ready to change old habits and patterns but get stuck in the "one step forward, two steps back" phenomenon? Are you struggling to figure out why you can't seem to sustain your progress?

Our lives are either set up to support us, or to keep us small. There is no in-between. If you are ready to change the habits and patterns that cause suffering and leave you feeling unfulfilled, you have to first remove the structures in your life that support them. 

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"The Frame" helps you identify the root causes of what's keeping you stuck in your unique personal reality, and identify critical actions you can take to change old patterns and habits from where you are right now.

  • It will shift your perspective on how powerful and capable you are to create the life of your dreams, a life that’s in alignment with your soul
  • It will help pull you out of tailspins and self-defeating cycles with a renewed ability to create a reality that truly supports your greatness    
  • It will illuminate the ways your life is NOT currently supporting you and give you practical tools to build support structures in your life that do

Want to take The Frame a step further?

catalyze positive change and start Framing your life RIGHT NOW with
Framing Coaching

If you are ready to take "The Frame" to the next level, DanMichael offers one-on-one and group Framing Coaching that will help you accelerate your growth. This powerful Framing process will help you apply the techniques in "The Frame" to the unique circumstances of your life. In Framing Coaching you will:

  • Identify what you want to create
  • Focus in on the key people, habits, and structures of your life that are holding you back from living the life you desire 
  • Clarify the people, habits, and structures that will support you in creating a fulfilling life that reflects the Truth of Who You Are
  • Create a personalized plan to rebuild your Frame and create a life in alignment with your Soul's purpose

Information about Framing workshops coming soon