What if your son had the confidence to be the loving person that he truly is?

What if he didn't feel the need to prove that he's "tough" or "strong" or pretend to be something he's not, just to be accepted? What if he could stay grounded in himself from the beginning of his childhood?

The Sacred Warrior Princes program is designed to empower young men and boys – to give them a blueprint to ground in the power of their gentleness, their love, and their compassion. It empowers them to honor and use their bodies in a way that respects themselves and others. Ultimately, it gives them the confidence to be their true selves in the face of anyone or anything that would encourage them otherwise.

Confidence is the key ...

  • To staying true to oneself in the face of peer pressure
  • To combating bullying and reducing violence
  • To fostering acceptance and love of oneself and others
  • To teaching young men to be sovereign in themselves and trust their intuition

Our boys are craving role models who will teach them that it's okay to just be themselves. These martial arts classes do just that.