It's a once-in-a-lifetime day. Make it unforgettable.

The wedding industry is bride-driven, there is no existing blueprint for the groom to plan his wedding day with intention. It's become "normal" for a groom to show up hung over after a night of debauchery in a baggy rented tux while the bride shines on "her special day." Instead, what if your wedding was about the two of you shining brighter together because you are both in your fullest expression? My unique coaching for grooms will ensure that your wedding day is a sacred representation of your partnership, and that you feel authentically grounded on this once-in-a-lifetime day.


Navigate Wedding Planning

It's easy to get drawn into the grandeur of the wedding industry, but that often means that your true desires can get pushed to the side. Don't get taken for a ride! Make sure that your wedding day feels authentic to YOU, so that you can look back on it without regrets.

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Groomsmen / Wedding Party

Selecting your groomsmen is not just about who's going to throw you the best bachelor party. It's about creating sacred guardians who will support you in showing up fully and authentically on your wedding day. Learn how to invite your groomsmen to be everything you need on your wedding day.



Don't get stuck in a generic sized rent-a-tux or a cheap off-the-rack suit. Your wedding day look should be as unique as you are, and it should make you feel your best. Learn about the wide variety of style options available for men, and choose a wedding day look that is a sacred expression of who you truly are.

Thinking Big Picture

Many people get caught up in planning the wedding itself, but forget about planning their marriage. Your wedding is one day, and then it's you and your partner for the rest of your life. Plan your wedding as a blueprint for your marriage – make it a true representation of who you are as a sacred partnership.