Does your wardrobe reflect the greatness that lives within you?

Clothing is medicine.

Most people wear clothes because they have to. But your clothing is actually a sacred expression of who you are. It is powerful. It is an instrumental piece of the fabric that weaves your gifts into your life. It declares who you are and why you are to the world around you. And in doing so, it illuminates your Truth and attracts the people, places and things that are meant to be called into your life to help you manifest your greatness into reality.




Why should you care about where your clothes come from?

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to big oil. And the countries where much of our clothing is outsourced for production also have a tendency to be lax in their labor laws, which means that workers are often being treated inhumanely. 

A big part of my work is bringing sacredness back into every area of life, therefore it is a big part of my Sacred Expression consulting. If we call ourselves sacred, we must act like it. We vote with every action we take, every dollar we spend. If your clothes were made in a way that was harmful to the earth or to any of the hands that made it, just so you can save money at the cash register, then that garment does not truly represent the sacred person that you are. There is a better way – are you ready to start shopping and dressing in alignment with your Soul's Truth? 


Here's how Sacred Expression consulting works:

know who you are & why you are

Before you can create a wardrobe that truly expresses your authentic self, you must be clear about who that authentic self is. I will help you reconnect to your truth, so that everything you build in your life – including but not limited to your wardrobe – aligns with your soul and your core values.

design a wardrobe that resonates with who you are

Once you're clear about who you are and what you're here to do, you can design a wardrobe and an aesthetic that powerfully represents your Self to the world. When you wear your soul on your sleeve, you attract people and circumstances that manifest the life of your dreams.

learn how to find the clothes that work for you

Once you know what you need to wear and why you need to wear it, I will teach you how to find the clothes to build out your newly designed Soul Wardrobe in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to everyone.