Are you ready to break the cycle of toxic masculinity and step into the sacred, loving man that you know you are?

We are born to be sacred men. But our society has twisted the idea of what masculinity is – we are told as young boys to "man up," to never show any signs of weakness, to dominate and conquer and own. Slowly but surely our naturally loving, gentle natures are deemed weaknesses and beaten out of us, and we are taught to reject those parts of ourselves. We shut down our emotions, we turn up the aggression, we pull away from our sacred brothers and toxic masculinity replaces the sacredness within us.

I am committed to bringing men home to themselves – especially the parts of themselves that they shut down at an early age. It is time to break the cycle of toxicity that has been passed down from father to son, so hopefully the next generation of young boys won't ever have to lose themselves in the first place.


My sacred brothers ...

It's time to drop the pretense, to stop pretending that you're not in pain, that you're not just holding yourself together trying to be the kind of man your father or grandfather or brothers or friends told you that you "should" be. Once you are willing to face the hardships in your life honestly and openly, to feel the things you've been avoiding feeling, and take the hard but rewarding journey home to yourself, you can create a life that is truly fulfilling. You can become deeply solid and grounded in your true self and experience real joy. You can become the guardian and the role model and the leader that you've always dreamed of being. And together, we can begin to redefine what it means to be a man for ourselves and the generations to come.

The ball is in your court. The first (and often hardest) step is simply being willing to say "I need help." Please know that these three words hold the key to your freedom. So if you're ready to take this courageous step, reach out. Let's get started.